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Directed By: Carlo Padial

  • Wismichu, a famous youtuber, presented in Sitges Film Festival a performance that shook the public opinion. One single scene repeated in a loop for 1h 20 min. "Vosotros sois mi película" is the story behind the scandal.

  • 'Vosotros sois mi película' is a documentary that follows the fascinating adventure of Wismichu, one of the most famous youtubers in Spanish speaking language in the world with more than 8 million subscribers, during the preparation of his most spectacular prank to date. At the end of 2018, Wismichu, presented in Sitges Film Festival a performance that generated chaos in the theater. One single scene repeated in a loop for one hour and twenty minutes. The movie, called 'Bocadillo', was promoted in the mass media as a $1M budget movie that had been shot during one year and in different locations. The screening, quickly became trending topic in Social Media and an action that shook the public opinion and what we understand by cinema. Some thought that was a bad taste joke and others thought that was Art. 'Vosotros sois mi película' is the story behind the scandal. A hilarious documentary full of shocking moments that follows Wismichu during the process of creating the most daring sociological experiment that has never happened in Spain. Or simply a joke to the film industry that unveiled a silenced truth, showing that an influencer can manipulate the media to modify the truth in the digital era. Or to put it another way, the 'Catfish' of the fake news and influencers era.

  • Director:

    Carlo Padial


    Carlo Padial, Ismael Prego, Carlos de Diego, Carlos de Pando


    Joaquín Albero, David Cajal, José Manuel Climent González, Ismael Prego



    Release Date:
    22 Mar 2019 Spain
    Run Time:
    98 min


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    Vosotros sois mi película

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